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Take an unforgettable journey and get a better understanding of Aboriginal spirituality at the same time as a unique long duration trip.


Travel to East Arnhem Land

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East Arnhem Land is inaccessible to visitors until a partnership between Aboriginal Australians and Travel adventure company in 2017. Ideal for travelers who are open minded, adventurous, this special and unique journey to East Arnhem Land for seven days presents a deep focus on the system the beliefs, artworks and traditions of the Nyinyikay Aboriginal Yolngu land Spend the night in a combination of camp accommodation, beach cabin and lodging, then spend time understanding local culture and workshops before continuing your journey to pure Bremer Island. Here, you will start a relaxing relaxation tour, as well as an encounter with a rich collection of wildlife on the island, including nesting turtles, water birds, and hordes of tropical fish.

Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness

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See the most beautiful views of the coast of New South Wales while gaining insight into traditional culture, on Aboriginal tours you climb the sacred mountain with cultural custodians who are willing to share ways to know the ancient – a very special opportunity. There are also Aboriginal resorts and dishes available, including local seafood and kangaroo meat with a variety of authentic spices, followed by a traditional ‘fairytale circle’ that listens to yidaki (similar to didgeridoo) and shares stories with elders and members of the Yuin community. When you are in Narooma and the nearest village Tilba – about 4.5 hours drive south of Sydney. There is also easy access because it is close to Moruya, Sydney and Canberra airports.