Tips before choosing travel insurance is to thoroughly understand the policy before it is signed, because each product has a different policy.

Travel insurance is a must-have before you go on a vacation around the world. With travel insurance, you will get protection against unwanted risks during a vacation trip. In each country, there are so many travel insurance service providers with their advantages and disadvantages.

Amid the many existing travel insurance products, buying travel insurance can be quite confusing for potential travelers. But not to worry, here are some tips on choosing the best travel insurance.

1. Know the Protection Obtained

Each travel insurance service provider company has a different policy related to the benefits or protection provided. Therefore you must really know what is needed. If you previously have life insurance, choose travel insurance that has benefits that are not covered by life insurance.

2. Adjust the Trip Duration

The validity period provided by travel insurance is as stated in the insurance policy. Therefore it is very important to start leaving on time, not earlier and not later. You must adjust your travel time according to the date stated and agreed on the travel insurance policy.

Choose travel insurance that has an annual guarantee if you plan to travel to several places at once within a period of one year, to be more efficient. But if you only travel once a year, there is no need to buy annual travel insurance, because the fall will be more expensive.

3. Understand Travel Insurance Exceptions

Before signing a policy, you must first understand exceptions about things that are not covered by the travel insurance service provider. Usually there are five things that are not covered, including (1) accidents due to alcohol and drugs; (2) accidental accident; (3) accident due to force majeure; (4) illness before insurance; and (5) accident related to pregnancy.

4. Compare to Other Products

Before buying travel insurance, compare products with each other to be more convincing. If necessary, ask for input from financial consultants or travel agents. Avoid purchasing this insurance from transportation services. This is because, insurance can be neglected and charred when the company concerned is bankrupt.

5. Browse Company History

Choose an insurance service provider company that is known to be credible, trustworthy, and overseen by the Financial Services Authority. Make sure that the company you choose has an easy claim system history. Do not be tempted by cheap premiums because the submission of claims is usually difficult.