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When you hear the word library, most people will imagine a place full of boring books.

Don’t be skeptical yet, guys! Because, there is the coolest library building in the world that makes you feel at home for long.

This is the coolest library in the world

Guys, I have some of the coolest library lists in the world that will amaze you.

Where have you been? Check out the review immediately, let’s!

1. Clementinum Library (Prague, Czech Republic)

The Clementinum Library is a historic place in Prague, and is one of the most perfect architectural libraries in the world.

Paintings of artistic value by the artist Jan Huebl adorn every wall of this library.

The roof of the Clementinum library building was so high, making the atmosphere cool and comfortable.

2. Library of Congress (United States)

Apart from the charming buildings, the Library of Congress in the United States has been named as the largest library in the world.

One of the uniqueness of this library is seen in the statue of the Goddess Minerva which is a symbol of the Library of Congress.

This library is not just a place to read books. More than that, the Library of Congress is often used as a location for classical genre concerts.

3. The Old Library at Trinity College (Ireland)

This is one of the oldest libraries in the world, precisely located in the country of Ireland known as The Old Library at Trinity College.

Viewed from the outside, you will immediately be amazed by the splendor of this one library building.

The most famous in this library is the book hall which is very large and wide. Because of that, this hall was nicknamed ‘Long Room’.

Since the time of Queen Elizabeth II in 1592, the Trinity College Library has been established. Now, there are more than 5 million collection items here.

Starting from a collection of books, magazines, journals, maps, manuscripts, manuscripts / ancient books, to a collection of classical music.

4. Stuttgart City Library (Germany)

The atmosphere like a spaceship, that’s the sensation that you will feel every visit to the Stuttgart City Library.

The best library in Germany has a unique form of cubic buildings and almost all are dominated by white.

The Stuttgart City Library looks so clean and elegant. Architecture to interior design in the room was designed so perfectly.

Sunlight from outside will enter the room, making anyone who reads books here will be comfortable.

5. National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia)

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (NLI) is located on Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, directly opposite the National Monument (Monas).

This building was actually built on May 17, 1980. However, for the new National Library Service Facility Building was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on September 14, 2017.

Consisting of 27 floors, the National Library gets the title as the highest national library in the world.

One of the coolest libraries in Indonesia is not only a place for collection of books, but also has various other facilities.

Such as theater space, audiovisual services, reading culture area, data center, rare book collection services, and the location of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) office.

Auditoriums, exhibition halls, facilities for children and people with disabilities, and cafes for reading casual books can also be enjoyed here.