The Emotional, Physical Perks Of Planning A Bucket List

Adventure TravelEurope is well known because the continent of tradition, humanism and modernism. Alexandria is the middle of Louisiana town was fully burned to the bottom throughout the Civil Conflict. Victorian buildings are a feast for the eyes right here. You will uncover area museums supply up Dali to African American Artwork. River Oaks Square will will let you visit artist studios and watch them create their masterpieces. So, I drug my shivering, feverish, sneezing, wheezing, coughing self this morning for my flight to Reykjavik (Iceland). As I waited at the round I suffered in silence. My head feeling it was heavier than my physique, and, still shaking nearly uncontrollable with chills. But, alas, I HAD to make this trip.

The second journey was a non-public expedition with my husband and a friend to Auyuittuq National Park. The granite walls and large glaciers form a panorama worthy of the Norse gods …

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